Marking Scheme Paper 2 Marking Scheme Form Paper a i ii b c .V . mA

Marking Scheme Form Paper a i ii b c .V . mA /.

mA Zero error due to incorrect position of the zero point The correct reading can be obtained by make sure that the eye is exactly in front of the pointer where the reflection of the pointer in the mirror is right behind it. Total N F ma

a i ii b


a . ms

Total a b i ii iii iv v h cm Same , h cm Same , h cm Same , h cm h is less than cm h is less than cm Total a i ii b Uniform acceleration/ constant acceleration Uniform velocity/ constant velocity
s t t . s v


Number of two consecutive dots in one second /.. Number of dots in one second

. .kg s m ii ci mv mu t . . N F ii Total a b Spring Y Spring Y Spring Z c di Hookes Law Force required to exerted the spring by one unit of extension . N F mv mu t . .d Averagevel ocity . .kg s m p m v . . . totaldis tan ce totaltime m cms Total a bi Principle of conservation of momentum p m v .

m cm Total Total length of the spring cm a b c i.ii F kx . ii. x . a Two forces which act on the an object can be combined into a single force b . Pascals principle Valve A open Valve B close FB FB x N. x . Total d e . x d x d x .cm Oil is difficult to evaporate/ / not easier to compress Increase the surface area of bigger piston. Produce a higher force on the bigger piston.

x N N cii d Method in Diagram . ci Resultant force . the smaller the resultant force. the higher the resultant force // The larger the angle. x N N e The smaller the angle. Total . Because resultant force is larger FR N F ma a F/m ms Resultant force .

made of soft material to lengthen the time of impact so as to reduce impulsive force. the velocity after collision is higher. impulsive force is greater When the time impact is shorter. Total .will inflate during collision to prevent driver and passenger colliding with steering wheel and dashboard. Headrest to prevent backlash that can cause serious injuries to the neck when the car stop abruptly. a The product of mass and velocity The shape of the ball A unchanged The shape of the ball B change The velocity of the ball A is higher than B The time of impact for ball A is shorter than B When the time impact is shorter.SECTION B . b c A soft ball has a high velocity A soft ball has a high momentum The soft ball player move his hand backward to increase time impact To reduce impulsive force d Front and rear crumple zones to increase time of impact //to reduce impulsive force. Seat belt to prevent passengers surging forward thus preventing them from hitting the interior of the car. Air bags . Dashboard .

The roller coaster moves at a higher speed. When the roller coaster moves up the track. A fence should be built on both sides of the track. the higher potential energy will cause the boy to slide down with higher kinetic energy at a higher speed. Physics concept Principle of conservation of energy. The track built is smooth. So that moves smoothly without hopping. This reduces the danger of the passengers. To hold passengers in their positions drueing movement and prevent them from being thrown out. but it can be changed from one form to another. Based on the principle of conservation of energy. Any marks Total . b i Gravitational energy of the boy mgh J Kinetic energy of the boy J Energy lost J J J ii Energy is lost as heat. the more is the potential energy possesses. So. So the slide should be built higher to increase the potential energy of the boy. ii The higher the position of the boy. c The highest level of the track should be built very high up. the potential energy will change to higher kinetic energy of the roller coaster when it slides down. This principle states that energy can neither be destroyed or created. So that the rollercoaster gains higher gravitational potential energy when it reaches the highest level of the track. Safety belts are used. with the total energy of the system being unchanged. Potential energy will change to kinetic energy when the boy slides down the slide. Heat produced is due to the friction between the boy and the slide. So that the roller coaster will not slip. the kinetic energy changes to potential energy and its speed decelerates. a The boy has gravitational potential energy due to its position. i This energy is obtained from the work done to overcome the gravitational attraction when moving up the slide.

The diameter of the rope has to be moderate to make it comfortable to hold while controlling the parachute. acceleration Scalar quantity Distance .i ii c. b. .The density of the rope has to be small to make it light . snapping force is bigger than the load and moderate diameter Scalar quantity is a physical quantity with magnitude only Vector quantity is a physical quantity with magnitude and direction.The hardness of the rope should be more than the weight of parachutist to ensure that the rope is not easily break.The length of the rope is approximately same as the length needed so that the length is not too long or too short.SECTION C i ii A way of representing a numerical value in the form of A X n. .i ii Any example for Vector quantity Displacement. low density. speed t ts v/ms t/s a/ms t/s TOTAL . . where A lt and n is an integer .The best choice is K because the length is approximately the same as needed.

it is easier to run using the shoes in figure .many studs. The area in contact with the ground for the shoes in figure . is larger than the the shoes in figure ....low expansion effect and good ability to stretch. is difficult to sink into the ground compared to the shoes in figure .. Characteristic Low density Many/fewer/very few studs Expansion effect is low Ability to stretch is good Reasons Small mass/light Gives extra/higher grip Always fits/Does not loosen when hot. TOTAL . c The most suitable material is Q Because it has a low density. di P x x . The shoes in figure . Less stress on the feet/ Can be pushed in all directions/ Can walk on uneven surface. x Pa a F m . So. The pressure exerted by the shoes in figure . . . ms P x Ncm ii. is lower than the shoes in figure ..a b Pressure The force acting normally per unit area.

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